Do you know your rights?


All Children and Young People, from birth to 18 have Rights. Some examples of the kind of rights that children and young people have are, the right to be listened to, the right to an education and the right to be looked after if they get sick. These rights are listed in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Summary of the Rights in the Convention. For further information click on

For information on rights and entitlements and important life events –

As you get older, you acquire further rights and entitlements

This list to make you aware that you have rights, it is not complete and should not be relied on completely. If you do have an issue around your rights & entitlements, please do contact someone who can advise you, such as a solicitor or Children’s Ombudsman.

@ 14, You can…

  • work part-time doing light work during school holidays
  • give evidence in court under oath or affirmation

@15, You can…

  • work part time during term time (up to 8 hours a week) and school holidays
  • be imprisoned. However, juveniles may not come in contact with adult offenders

@16, You can…

  • leave school
  • ride a moped or a motorbike (up to 125 cc)
  • get a dog/ horse licence
  • move out of home with parents permission
  • give your own consent to surgical procedures

@ 17, You can…

  • drive a car on a provisional licence
  • apply for a Higher Education Maintenance grant

@ 18, You can…

  • get married (earlier if you have a court exemption order)
  • vote in an Election
  • be sent to prison
  • sit on a jury
  • Apply for a passport without parental consent
  • Open up a Bank Account without parental consent
  • Get a credit card
  • Move out of home without parental consent
  • Donate Blood
  • Drink alcohol in a pub
  • Buy cigarettes
  • Ride a motorbike (up to 300cc)

@ 21, You can…

  • Adopt a child
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