IAYPIC programmes

Irish Association of Young People in Care (IAYPIC) is a registered charity,IAYPIC works for young people who are currently living in care or who have had an experience of living in care.This includes children and young people in residental care. foster care,hostel, high support and special care.Part of this work involves workign with young people preparing to leave care.

The IAYPIC Empowerment Programme for Young Women in care with babies.

Target group: Young women in care with baby/child between the ages of 0-2 years old.

The aim of the programme:

The theme of this programme is empowerment .The aim is to instill confindence , promote self awareness, to encourage growth of self esteem, in order for these young women to journey toward the person and the parent they really want to be.

In essence the aim is to give the participants the space and appropriate non-judgmental support to:

Look realistically at their lives in the here and now , both as an individual and as a parent.

look at the future they are hoping for and possible ways to achieve this.

The content:

The programme is two pronged .It focuses on the participant as an individual as well as a key person in the mother-baby relationship.The module as outlined in the programme are: Relaxation techniques, Mother-baby bonding, Baby massage, Beauty treatments, educational guidance, self awarness & esteem discussions which will include health & education guidance.

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